Patrols & Alarm Response

Seth Security is a West Australian owned and operated company.

Licensed by WA Police to provide Security Services, we adhere to Australian  
Standards, Industry Codes of Conduct and other regulations as required.

Seth Security has established a reputation for Honesty, Integrity and  
Professionalism whivh has been built up over 15 years of service to the West  
Australian community.
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Seth Security has Security Officers to meet all your requirements. We can provide you with Security Officers who are Police licensed, appropriately trained and have the skills and experience to work in any situation.

Mobile Patrols & Alarm Response
Seth Security will look after your premises when   you are not there. We have dedicated vehicles  throughout the metropolitan areas to ensure that  your assets are safe and secure. We can provide   regular vigilant nightly patrols and out of hours  security inspections of your premises deterring
burglars from stealing or damaging your   property.

When notified of an alarm or a suspected break-in  we can execute a fast response on your behalf which  places any risk of encountering burglars with our trained and experienced Security Patrol Officers.

Through our network of associates Seth Security can also arrange and facilitate service providers in country and remote areas of Western Australia who we know are both reliable and trustworthy and can  do the job as well as we do.

Your Protection
  is Our Business
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